About us

The factory

„Eliteja“ factory is located in the industrial part of the city, in the premise of one of the largest former woodworking plant in Lithuania.

The production consists of four workshops: parquet-solid, two-layer parquet, final processing and joiner‘s shop that employs 63 workers. The production process is carefully monitored at each stage, thus ensuring the highest quality of products.

Extremely accurate and high-quality German machines are used in the production that allow to ensure especially precise production parameters. The competitive advantage is ensured with coordinated machines and human handiwork. The specialists manually load each branch with ecological Swiss „Novoryt“ “filler. After the filling, the needed boards are chosen that are transferred to the grinding machine. There they interlock into five rows in order to carefully check the geometry and dimensions.

Last but the most important step is wood coating. Most of the products are covered with „OSMO“ wax oil using the latest oil line. The line meets the highest quality requirements, and company‘s technologists has contributed to its improvement. For the customers who value non-standard solutions we can offer UV oil and UV varnish and wood brushing and smoking.