Versailles panels

Versailles panels

Versailles is a classical type of panel which consists of a basket weave pattern surrounded by a square slat of parquet. It refers to the Palace of Versailles as it was originally designed to replace all the marble floors there in 1693. Elegant and stylish wooden flooring was introduced to Louis IV and since then Versailles parquet has become a symbol of the royal taste.

This exceptional Parquet design marked the beginning of the classic parquet flooring and became a universal trend in Europe. Its simplicity and grandness are reflected in many European Palaces where the principle of symmetry is combined with laconic and solemn decoration of the palace interior.

Nowadays  many people appreciate the concept of Versailles panels which can be seen in many interiors and projects worldwide with traditional or modern design. Versailles parquet comes in different variations depending on design patterns, the natural character of the oak in different grades and finishes, which helps to create a feeling of timeless luxury and excellence.